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Architecture Competitions

12 Things to Consider Before Entering a Design Competition

1. Theme or Design Brief: The brief is the key to a successful proposal and understanding this should be a priority. It is important that you pick an interesting and unique competition that will allow you to demonstrate your creativity.

2. Eligibility Criteria: Competitions specify who can participate. Always check that you are eligible to enter before registering.

3. Registration and Entry Fee: Participants typically need to register for the competition before a specific date, often paying an entry fee.

4. Timeline: A competition follows a set timeline, including deadlines for registration, submission, and the announcement of results. Always check this before registering!

5. Site Analysis and Competition Media: Unlike most competitions, all Larsen Liverpool competitions come with the option of downloading an exclusive pack including 3D CAD topography.

6. Submission Requirements: Always check the submission requirements at the beginning of designing for the required format, documents, and any specific criteria.

7. Sustainability Focus: Some competitions may require a sustainable design response. This should always be a priority in your work!

8. Jury or Judging Panel: If possible, research the judges’/competition hosts’ professional backgrounds and interests, reach out and speak to them if you can.

9. Prizes and Awards: Winners often receive prizes and monetary rewards. This can be a good way of earning money while improving your portfolio and design skills.

10. Recognition: Larsen Liverpool has created a unique, dedicated platform and various galleries that celebrate each proposal that has been carefully crafted for our competitions. We are committed to promoting the work of each member of our community.

11. Feedback and Evaluation: Competitions may provide feedback to participants, helping them understand the strengths and weaknesses of their designs and providing a learning opportunity.

12. Legacy and Impact: Successful competition designs leave a lasting impact. Make sure that you produce a go

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