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Building a Portfolio with Design Competitions

Winning or even participating in competitions adds valuable projects, skills and visuals to portfolios.

Competitions provide a platform for creative expression and experimentation.

Participants gain practical experience and learn to apply theoretical knowledge to real projects, developing professional growth. Competitions nurture personal growth with challenging briefs that push participants out of their comfort zones.

Our competition briefs are open to design enthusiasts of all levels and ability, from all design disciplines. We offer an incredible platform to showcase your talents and ideas to a global audience, providing valuable exposure and recognition within the industry. Our resources and mentoring programs allow you to expand your design to reach its full potential.

Take a look through the winning entries of our international design competitions and awards.

These projects provide valuable insight into the criteria and considerations that judges and industry experts prioritise when evaluating designs.

By understanding the winning project and its designers’ motivations, you can identify its strengths, innovative features, and successful design strategies. This knowledge can serve as a valuable learning tool, helping you enhance your own design approach and increase your chances of success in future competitions.

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