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Architecture Careers

Dreaming of Your Own Design Studio?

We’re here to make it a reality!

Are you an architecture/interior design student with big dreams of running your own design studio?  We’re excited to tell you that your dream is within reach, and we’re here to help you turn it into a reality!

Your Path to Entrepreneurship: Here’s how our platform can help you achieve your dream studio:

Design Competitions: Our competitions provide the perfect stage for you to create award-winning projects that stand out internationally. Winning these accolades is a significant step towards establishing your reputation in the industry.

Expert Design Reviews: Our design reviews offer the invaluable feedback you need to hone your skills and build a portfolio that impresses clients and investors. This is where your journey to becoming a design expert begins.

International Collaboration: Our platform connects you with a diverse and global community of architects and designers. Collaborate on projects that expand your design experience and provide exposure to international perspectives.

Building Your Dream Studio: By participating in our competitions, receiving expert guidance, and collaborating with international teams, you’ll:

Create an Impressive Portfolio: Your portfolio will be a testament to your design prowess, packed with projects that have earned international recognition.

Gain Real-World Experience: Every competition project is a step closer to mastering your craft. Learn by doing and refine your skills with expert feedback.

Build a Network of Professionals: Connections you make on our platform could be the foundation of your future design studio. Collaborate, learn, and grow together.

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