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Qualifying as an Architect

Qualifying as an architect in the United Kingdom is a long process including:

Multiple degrees/apprenticeship levels

A professional CV

Employment History

Projects breakdowns

Professional Experience Development Record (PEDR)

Case Studies



The traditional university pathway is the most common route to becoming an architect, covering:



The apprenticeship pathway is a newer route to becoming an architect approved by the RIBA in 2018 and is again, made up of two parts:

Stage 1: The Level 6 Apprenticeship.

Stage 2: The Level 7 Apprenticeship.

Combining pathways The Level 6 apprenticeship is equivalent to the undergraduate degree (or Part 1). This means that you can join the apprenticeship pathway and then complete a full-time MArch before taking your Part 3 exams. Likewise, you can complete your BA in Architecture and then apply for a Level 7 apprenticeship.

Check out our blog to read more about how to become an architect in the UK and the benefits of both university and apprenticeship options.

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