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Architecture Careers

What are the typical career paths for an architect?

The career of an architect can take many forms, but it typically progresses from intern to junior architect, and then to project architect or manager. Initially, graduates often start as interns or architectural assistants, where they support more experienced architects and learn the practicalities of the profession. As they gain experience and licensure, they can become junior architects, taking on more responsibility for design and project coordination. 

With further experience, architects can specialize in areas like design, technology, or project management, becoming senior architects or project managers who lead teams and manage entire projects. Some architects also pursue careers in academia, teaching the next generation of architects, or they might specialize in areas like sustainable design or historical renovation. 

Additionally, many architects eventually open their own practices, where they have the freedom to choose their projects and direct the business side of architecture, combining creative and entrepreneurial skills.

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