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Join our FREE mini challenge now! Limited time only.

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Join our completely FREE mini competition (for a limited time only) for the chance to have your work published in Larsen Liverpool's printed competition book and for a free entry to any of our international design competitions.

NOTE: This mini challenge has now concluded. You can see the winners here.

The judges and the team were absolutely blown away by the quality of the entries to our now-concluded competition "El Pantà de Sau - A Beacon for Cultural Heritage".

Check our website to see our Winning Design, and to get updates on the Public Favourite, the Runners-Up, and the Honourable Mentions.

The Free Mini Challenge


We are asking for applicants to design a piece of vernacular architecture that will be environmentally conscious with a minimal carbon footprint. It should set an example for how architecture can work with the surrounding landscape and benefit areas such as this protected natural park.



Design a meditation place in the impressive setting of El Panta de Sau using only one image. This image will show either:

  • The external building you have designed within this dramatic landscape


  • An interior meditation space that you have imagined with a strong connection to the outside scenery

This one image can be a sketch, visual, render, drawing, painting or photoshopped image, anything that can embody and communicate the essence of your mini design. The design can be any type of structure, i.e. a tent, tree house, shed, floating platform, cave, etc. and made from any local materials; i.e. timber, sand, stone, compacted earth, reeds, etc.




  • Photos and information about the winners will be published on our website and in our printed competition booklet.

  • Free entry into one of our competitions.


  • ALL ENTRIES WILL BE DISPLAYED IN OUR VIRTUAL GALLERY AND PRINTED IN THE SAU COMPETITION BOOKLET. This is a global platform where your work will be visible for thousands of international architects and designers to see.


Submit before the 4th of April 2022.



architecture competition winner
The winner of El Pantà de Sau Competition - Route Towards the Church by nnm+ architects

The winner of El Pantà de Sau competition was recently announced: Route Towards the Church by nmn+ architects:

Your impressive design, your considerations of cultural heritage, and the visitor experience are complex and emotive, and go beyond the essential requirements of the brief. The design strongly demonstrates your talent and creative skills. Congratulations.

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