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Want to Improve your Design Portfolio?

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Design and Architecture competitions are the perfect way to improve your portfolio!

Our competitions provide you with hands-on learning opportunities and real-world challenges, empowering you to develop critical skills, nurture creativity, and make a positive impact on the world through sustainable architecture and design.

Our sustainability-focused competition briefs ask for creative and innovative ideas with opportunity for stunning visuals in distinctive and dramatic locations. Taking part in these competitions will give you a chance to explore you mind, your skills and your interests in order to find your niche within the world of design.

Discovering your unique interests as an architect or designer is a pivotal step in carving out a niche that sets you apart in a competitive field. By delving into specific areas that resonate with your passions and skills, such as sustainable design, cultural architecture, or impressive visuals, you create a distinct identity that can attract specialised projects and clients.

Our unique global platform gives you the support and resources to reach success. Showcase your design talents in a focused environment. Gain valuable insights from industry experts, receive personalised feedback, and elevate your skills as you compete for prestigious awards and recognition.

Join our revolutionary architecture competitions and be a part of shaping the future, leading the way towards a more sustainable and harmonious way of life. 🌱🌍

  1. Feedback: We offer detailed feedback for all of our participants including one-to-one design review sessions in order to give you the best project possible and to help you every step of the way. We have created these competitions, this platform and all of our resources so we can help you push the limits of your creativeness, skills and abilities in order for you to excel in your chosen career.

  2. Encouraging Creativity and innovation: Our Competitions encourage participants to think creatively and produce innovative design solutions. They push the boundaries of traditional architectural thinking, seeking innovative and unconventional design concepts; something that will set your portfolio apart!

  3. Generate Ideas and Concepts: Our Competitions produce a diverse range of design ideas and concepts. These ideas are valuable for future projects and influence architectural trends.

  4. Inspiration: Our Competitions are designed to inspire both participants and the global architectural community. They showcase what is possible in architecture and design. Each entry is showcased across our global platform to inspire others and to give each designer the recognition that they deserve!

  5. Portfolio Enhancement: Winning or even participating in competitions adds valuable projects, skills and visuals to portfolios. Our competitions and our global platform provide an exciting addition to any portfolio, showing potential employers what you are capable of. You can book a one-to-one call with our career development mentors now!

Our International Design Competitions provide so many benefits to each and every participant. We work tirelessly to create interesting, unique, and relevant design briefs with the most amazing site locations.

See how this Competition Winner did it with an incredible design proposal. 👇🏼

winning competition entry. retreat for the blind


Sensory Experience by Vera Safonova

WINNER of Retreat for the Blind Architecture Competition

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