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Who are Design Competitions for?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Architecture and Design competitions are tailor-made for individuals who are passionate about design, sustainability, and pushing the boundaries of architectural creativity.

At Larsen Liverpool, our aim is to create opportunities for immersive education and creative thinking. Our briefs are developed for students and young professionals of all design backgrounds and disciplines including:

  • architecture

  • interior design

  • landscape design

  • urban and master planning design

  • engineering

  • product design

  • graphic design

Our competitions provide an additional creative outlet for those passionate about design.

Even individuals who are not pursuing formal architectural education or careers can find enjoyment and personal growth by participating in architecture competitions. These enthusiasts bring fresh perspectives and unique ideas to the table.

Students and Young Professionals

For University Students, our architecture competitions provide a dynamic platform to apply your theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, tackling real world issues that require a specific, mature architectural response. It's a chance to go beyond classroom limitations and bring ideas to life. As a student, you will gain invaluable practical experience by participating in competitions. This hands-on experience can enhance your portfolios and make them more attractive to potential employers or when applying for further education courses.

For Aspiring Architects, Designers and Young professionals aiming to establish your mark in the architectural world, our competitions can be used to gain recognition and build an impressive portfolio, making a more appealing and desirable profile to prospective employers or clients. Emerging professionals should use competitions to showcase skills, creativity and innovation with opportunity to create impressive, showstopping visuals. Winning or even being recognised in a competition can jumpstart your career, lead to job opportunities, and establish your reputation within the industry.

Universities and Educational Institutions can incorporate our competitions into curriculums exposing students to real-world challenges and encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It also enhances the reputation of institutions by allowing students to work within an international project and producing successful competition participants. There are also opportunities for working with other design course members creating elevated projects developed by multidisciplinary teams.

This Cross-Disciplinary Learning allows collaborators to gain insights from their peers and contribute their expertise to enhance the design response. Different perspectives lead to innovative and integrated design solutions.

Our understanding and experience of the unique needs of students and young professionals shines through in the competition briefs we offer. We have worked hard to create a platform that nurtures emerging talent and provide resources that enhance the skills needed for a successful career in architecture.

20 Benefits of entering a design competition

  1. Skill Enhancement: Participants can hone their design and problem-solving skills.

  2. Learning Opportunities and Personal Growth: Participants gain practical experience and learn to apply theoretical knowledge to real projects, developing professional growth. Competitions nurture personal growth with challenging briefs that push participants out of their comfort zones.

  3. Portfolio Enhancement: Winning or even participating in competitions adds valuable projects, skills and visuals to portfolios.

  4. Creative Expression: Competitions provide a platform for creative expression and experimentation.

  5. Real-World Experience: Applying classroom knowledge to projects prepares students for the professional world.

  6. Exposure and Professional Recognition: Competitions often result in increased visibility and recognition within the industry. Winning competitions can establish participants as leaders in their field.

  7. Networking Opportunities: Participants can connect with mentors, professionals, and fellow designers.

  8. Feedback: Competitions often provide feedback, helping participants improve their work.

  9. Inspiration: Exposure to diverse design approaches can inspire new ideas and perspectives.

  10. Career Opportunities and Advancement: Competition success can lead to job offers and career advancement.

  11. Problem Solving: Competitions challenge participants to find innovative solutions to complex design problems.

  12. Prizes and Awards: Many competitions offer cash prizes, scholarships, or valuable incentives.

  13. Publication and Exhibition: Winning designs may be published in journals or exhibited, furthering exposure.

  14. Environmental Impact: Sustainability-focused competitions allow participants to contribute to eco-friendly design.

  15. Project Opportunities: Winning designs may be realized as actual projects.

  16. Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Competitions often encourage interdisciplinary teamwork.

  17. Cultural Exchange: International competitions promote cultural exchange and global design perspectives.

  18. Legacy: Successful competition entries leave a lasting impact on the architectural discourse and inspire future generations.

  19. Contribution to Architecture: Participants contribute fresh ideas to the field, influencing architectural discourse and innovation.

  20. Finding your artistic style: Competitions allow you to explore your creativity and experiment without the constraints of a university or professional project.

In essence, architecture competitions are for anyone with a love for design, a thirst for innovation, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural excellence. They are inclusive, transformative, and offer a wide array of benefits to participants at various stages of their architectural journeys.

Our Competitions

Our competition briefs are open to design enthusiasts of all levels and ability, from all design disciplines. We offer an incredible platform to showcase your talents and ideas to a global audience, providing valuable exposure and recognition within the industry. Our resources and mentoring programs allow you to expand your design to reach its full potential.


Take a look through the winning entries of our international design competitions and awards.

These projects provide valuable insight into the criteria and considerations that judges and industry experts prioritise when evaluating designs.

By understanding the winning project and its designers' motivations, you can identify its strengths, innovative features, and successful design strategies. This knowledge can serve as a valuable learning tool, helping you enhance your own design approach and increase your chances of success in future competitions.

winning designs for student architecture/design competition
Click on the image above to visit our winners' page

Competitions in Education

Are you a student or young professional, or do you work for an educational institution?

We have a range of detailed sustainability-led project briefs, including live competitions, across a range of incredible site locations, complete with important site analysis, 3D models, Topography, Photographs and more that can be integrated into any university module and combined with existing project briefs.

Our posts may include affiliate links which help keep our website running.

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