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  • Why should I join a Larsen Architecture competition?
    We want to celebrate every piece of work that is submitted to a competition. More often than not, we see online design and architecture competitions celebrating the winners and runners-up, and entirely forgetting about all the other competition participants, who have spent hours, days, or even weeks working on their submissions. Our competitions are designed with sustainability and creativity in mind, and will challenge you to think outside of the box. Are you ready to push yourself to the next level? Join UNLIMITED Competitions and receive lifetime access to all present and future competitions, awards, site analyses, and much more.
  • How do I take part in a Competition?
    In order to take part in our Competitions, follow these instructions: 1. Take a look and select your favourite competition site 2. Add it to the basket 3. Complete the checkout process 4. Write down your order number, you will need it in order to submit your entry! Note that each competition site can have more than one competition in it. When you purchase a competition site, you can choose to take part in any, or all, of the competitions available within that site.
  • Why should I take part in an architecture/design competition?
    Architecture and design competitions are designed to challenge your critical thinking and creative skills. Both students and professionals are advised to join competitions in order to improve your portfolio and your chances to get your ideal job. Larsen Liverpool host a wide range of competitions, challenges, and awards which allow you to showcase your talents in a wide range of areas such as architecture, photography, fashion, design, media, animation, and much more. For more information on our current and past competitions, visit our competitions page.
  • How do I submit a competition entry?
    If you have taken part in one of our Competitions, Awards or Challenges and you wish to submit your entry or design, follow these instructions: Head over to our dedicated Submissions Page You will be asked to either LOG IN or SIGN UP as a member before you can submit Add the details of your entry submission and upload your files. Agree to the Terms and Conditions & click the Submit button Your submission has now been sent to us and will be reviewed after the competition's deadline.
  • What makes Larsen Architecture different?
    We have a passion for architecture and design and we believe that up and coming creatives do not get the recognition they deserve. Our global platform is meant to celebrate architecture, design and any other creative background, instead of just celebrating competition winners. We appreciate how much work is behind each competition entry and we want to encourage you to keep creating. You are the present and the future of architecture, challenge yourself, showcase your work, and show us what you are capable of.
  • Submit your competition entry.
  • How many people can be in a group to enter a competition?
    We recommend no more than three people per group as we have seen that this produces the best results. However, this is entirely up to you. We ask that each person creates an account on our website, individually, as we then have multiple points of contact, if needed. It also does not matter which member of your group submits your proposal as you will be asked to give us your unique order number (eg. 10245) that you receive when your group registers for the competition.
  • Why should I subscribe to Larsen UNLIMITED?
    There are many reasons why you should take part in our lifetime UNLIMITED Competitions membership. For one single payment you will receive access to all open and future competitions and awards, free site analyses, certificates of participation, PLUS one expert project review & feedback video call. You heard right, forever. Ready to get started?
  • What subscriptions do you offer?
    We offer two types of subscriptions: 1. Our architectural competition subscription Larsen UNLIMITED will give you unlimited access to our competitions, awards, certificates of participation and much much more. (Larsen UNLIMITED is included for free in our Executive service subscription) 2. The service subscriptions Starter, Creative, and Executive give you access to our CV, Portfolio & Careers services to help kickstart your professional profile. NOTE: Our Executive Careers Subscription includes Larsen UNLIMITED for free!

Universities & Education

Do you work for a university or another education provider and need information about how to integrate our competitions and awards into your curriculum?


Please visit our dedicated education section.

We can help you and your students with the following:

- Integrating competitions

- Group discounts

- Feedback 

- Careers coaching

- Collaboration projects


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