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Marc Prats

Careers Specialist Coach

My role is to design and deliver bespoke training and coaching plans. My objective is to empower the current and future visionaries of our generation. I work across disciplines and career levels, from students and young professionals, to company directors, and I have experience in education, psychology, coaching and training My work involves researching and implementing strategies to develop each person’s unique skills, building their professional profiles and teaching communication for success and storytelling. I devise and deliver full L&D strategies and training as required to professionals of all levels expanding their knowledge of a broad range of relevant topics. My work as a performance coach and mentor is carried out by studying each individual's experience and providing guidance to empower and guide them towards success in any role. Whilst my background is not in the creative field, I have a keen interest in design, mostly fuelled by my passion for travel, history, and culture. Coaching can be defined as 'a conversation with a purpose' and does not require the coach or the coachee to have similar backgrounds. For example, in the last few years I have primarily been helping aspiring lawyers in their career development. I look forward to speaking with you!
Marc Prats

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