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Interior visual

Winner: Panagiota Pappa

The Studio of a Painter

An everyday scene, of an artist in the act of carefully painting inside her studio, is depicted. A shaft of light comes through the window on the left, conveying details and offering a sense of weight to the volumes. An atmosphere of calm and concentration prevails.

Exterior render

Winner: Michael Yeung

The Floating Ark of Noah

Surrounded by ruins of extravagant skyscrapers - the remnants of modernity, the floating ark of noah persists as the last salvation of humanity. The arch welcomes and nurtures new generations. People rests at the oasis, sheltered from the harms of the post-apocalyptic environment. They then continue their journey, rejuvenated and motivated to rebuild the world.

Architecture Visual Award

I am an Architect Working in Athens - Greece. My studies include a Master in Architectural Engineering and a Specialized Training on Sustainable Design of Buildings and Built Environment. As an architects i have experience in the design of Residences and Residence Complexes while always trying to apply the principles of bioclimatic design, as well as in landscape and Interior Design. Photorealistic Visualizations are for me a very creative way to tell a story and propose ways of living and occupying built environmets. In my free time i enjoy swimming and practicing the violin.  

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Architecture Visual Award


Winner: Antonietta Positano

Golden Taj Mahal


This work aims to depict one of the most representative architectural works. This work has offered the artist the cue for a challenge between the Soul, which is inspired and induced to creativity and the ‘’Ratio’’, in continuous search of perfection. The most emblematic element of this challenge can be seen by the mannerism of the details that the artist cannot do without.  The choice of black ink and gold, denotes the continuation of the solemnity of the work, able to overcome the lightness of the present. Distinctive signs of the artist are the use of gold and the architectural work drawn in fading down, almost as if to interrupt the unattainable search for perfection.

Architecture Drawing Award

I’m Antonietta Positano, an illustrator with twelve years of experience in architectural drawing totally freehand. I live in San Marzano sul Sarno, Salerno, where I’m currently studying to become an architect while practicing as an illustrator and artist. My illustrations arise from the desire to create unusual scenarios using existing architecture. Predominant in my works is the search between past and present, endlessly repeating as two sides of the same coin. I always wondered who I was artistically, and the word 'artist' always bothered me when they associated it with me. I probably didn't feel the term was mine or perhaps I was looking for something in what I do that lived up to the word. For years I wandered in the technicalities and virtuosities I loved, dissecting them to make them perfect.... And I still feel connected to them. In recent months, however, something has changed, starting to make imperfection my artistic goal. Most of the time I started drawing directly in pen, because the error didn't interest me except as an integral part of the work. I worked with watercolor, familiarizing myself with the unexpected, but it was not enough. I did not feel satisfied. I was never happy with what I was producing, even though I enjoyed doing it. One day I found some charcoals and square pastels in a package and started getting my hands dirty for the simple pleasure of it: I had never felt so close to art. In recent months I wanted to raise the bar by trying again on a large format and it's as if something inside me unlocked that I had never seen before. Premise: It’s not easy for me to move away-even in a gentle way-from the detail maniac I’ve been all this time.... Yes, ‘cause it may have different lines and styles, but it’s always Love when I start drawing marks.


I like to range between all my styles, wearing them as if it were a dress to take off right after. I want to be dynamic. I want to be constantly bored in my art to always create new art. Art generates Art. Always.'' 

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Architecture Photography Award

Winner: Maxime Turner



This photograph was taken moments before my oblivious subject walked off the edge of this building and fell to her death. Or was she perhaps cautiously approaching the edge to examine the void that appeared in front of her eyes?


Well, in fact, neither of these denouements happen to be true… Nor are they possible. 


Revealing that this photograph was taken in the ground floor lobby of the Seagram Building in New York, it is only at second glance that most would realise this supposed “void” is in fact an overexposed wall in the foreground of the composition.


The protagonist – who was not harmed during the shooting – is about to enter a very different kind of void: one that would defy the laws of gravity and propel her dozens of meters above ground.



Camera: Canon A-1, Lens: Canon FD 50mm f/1.8, Film: 35mm Ilford HP5+ ISO 400

I am a self-employed architectural designer based in Cambridge. Originally from Oxford, I studied architecture at the University of Liverpool and then at the University of Cambridge. Although not yet fully qualified as an architect, I still offer my skills and knowledge towards the design and construction of a variety of projects, which have recently included a residential library and offices for AstraZeneca. I also practise architectural photography and have undertaken research that has been exhibited at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, 2021. In my spare time, I enjoy playing squash and learning the art of pottery.


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Winner: Anna Kuldysheva

Final Project Presentation:

Museum and Memorial Complex

Sant Roma de Sau

"...The composition of the main volume of the complex is based on the "river" as an image of a continuous flow of time. It runs through the entire complex, partially touching the buildings and going inside. The river does not just flow by itself, it affects architecture. At the points of contact, the facades are made of corten steel with perforation, thus creating the effect of destruction of the material under the influence of water. Thanks to the perforation, sunlight enters the interior in separate rays, creating an ever-changing environment inside. Other facades are made of local stone with decorative inserts of white plaster, representing a simplified type of window framing. The framing line can be traced throughout all the facades, linking them together..."

Architecture Presentation Award


A huge congratulations to everyone that participated. 

We would like to congratulate each and every one of you for your talent, skill and creativity and for your contribution to the world of architecture.

The gallery below is a selection of projects submitted to the awards for inspiration.